Large NYPD Cop Viciously Punches Teen Who Wouldn’t Let Go of Another Officer

The following video is being reviewed by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau. It shows 16-year-old Alfred Burns on top of an NYPD officer, while a larger officer beats him in the head from behind to force him to let go.

The person who uploaded this video called it “NYPD Cop Viciously Punches A Man In The Back Of The Head While He Was Pinned Down!” but one YouTuber disagreed with that title, saying it should be called “NYPD Cop Viciously Punches A 16 Year Old Punk Criminal Who Was On Top Of A Police Officer, Had Him Around The Neck And Refused To Let Go.”

No matter how one interprets this video, it may not be easy for some to watch, so viewer discretion is advised.

The incident that sparked the violence in this video occurred in the morning of October 6 when Alfred Burns tried to steal a bicycle from the front of a store at 225th Street and Broadway. The owner of the bike flagged down police, and when the officers approached, Burns attacked, pushing one of them to the ground, putting his hands on the officer’s neck.

According to police, Burns resisted arrest because he was wanted for attempted robbery. On July 31 he reportedly followed a 56-year-old man in the Bronx to the second floor of his building, and threatened him with a box cutter. “Give me your money,” Burns demanded, but ran away when the victim pointed out the surveillance cameras.

After that failed robbery attempt, Burns decided to try again, and allegedly robbed a cab driver later the same day.

From the New York Post

Later that day, Burns allegedly robbed a cab driver in The Bronx at knifepoint, cops said. He was in the cab with a female passenger, who reportedly told the driver she had to run out and get some money. Burns stayed in the car, and brandished a knife before again demanding, “Give me all your money.” He stole $75, a cell phone and a tablet from the cabbie, cops said.

And on July 26, Burns allegedly approached another man in The Bronx, holding a plastic bag in his hand, and told him to fork over his money. The man refused, so he took off, cops said.

Burns was arrested on October 8, and charged with attempted robbery.