Lord Sugar From UK Apprentice Says It’s Time to Arm British Police

Lord Alan Sugar, English business magnate, media personality, and most famous for being the boss on the UK’s version of The Apprentice, said something unexpected today – at least unexpected from him. “Seriously it is time now to arm all of our police officers. The tradition of the British Bobby has been great , but times have changed,” he tweeted.

To many Americans, the idea of an unarmed police officer sounds outrageous at the best of times, let alone at a time in history when Jihad terrorist attacks are increasingly common. To many British, however, guns are seen as scary and bad, firearms are heavily restricted, and the USA’s more permissive gun laws are frowned upon.

It is doubtful that anyone familiar with Lord Sugar would accuse him of being a gun nut, but his comment that police officers should be armed was met with derision by many of his Twitter followers.

One Twitter user’s argument against police having guns: A bullet might accidentally hurt someone!

Argument 2: Carrying a gun might be too much “pressure” for some police officers.

Argument 3: How dare you give an opinion, Lord Sugar. Do you think you’re better than the police?

Argument 4: One Twitter user believes the police in America are trained to use their guns to protect themselves, whereas the British police are trained to de-escalate situations. If that were true, one has to ask how well does the nice “de-escalating” approach actually work on wild eyed terrorists stabbing random people on the street, driving people over with trucks, or trying to blow little girls up at concerts?

One individual mentioned PC Wayne Marques, an incredibly brave officer who fought three armed Islamic terrorists during the London bridge attack with just his baton.

PC Marques, a hero having to fight off three murdering terrorists with just a stick, says he still thinks about the eight people he wasn’t able to help.

Which begs the question: With Britain’s rising terrorism problem, isn’t it just common sense for the police to have adequate weapons to protect themselves, not only for their own benefit, but to save the lives of others?

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