Man Gives Gunman the Middle Finger During Las Vegas Mass Shooting

While what is being called the worst mass-shooting in American history was happening on Sunday at a concert in Las Vegas, one attendee decided to tell the gunman just exactly how he felt – by holding his beer in one hand, and giving the middle finger with the other.

The gunshots sounded like firecrackers, then like a machine gun, according to witness Meghan Kearney. “People kept dropping and dropping … People were getting shot one foot away from us,” Kearny said. “People were trying to save their friends. There were gunshots everywhere. Helping them would’ve meant that we got shot, too.”

One man, however, “braved the bullets to look around for the shooter. When he located the shooter, he decided to send a message by giving him the finger,” Officer Blue reported.

But, was it brave defiance against a killer, or drunken stupidity?

Some on the internet had choice words for middle-finger guy, saying he endangered lives by doing something that could have brought the shooter’s attention to those around him. You can hear people yelling for him to “Get down!” in the video.

Others admired the man’s defiance, and one YouTuber said, “If you’re going to be taken out, might as well make a statement before you do.”

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Moment defiant concert-goer gives Las Vegas shooter the middle finger while holding can of beer as bullets rain down

The music festival-goer takes to his feet and puts his life at risk to give a defiant message to gunman Stephen Paddock, who left 58 dead and more than 500 injured

This is the defiant moment a survivor of the Las Vegas gun massacre gave the gunman the middle finger as bullets rained down.

Extraordinary footage shows a reveller wearing a dark vest and holding a can rise to his feet while everyone around him takes cover.

He defiantly holds out his arm and gives the gunman the middle finger.

Moment defiant concert-goer gives Las Vegas shooter the middle finger while holding can of beer

Credit to Blue Lives Matter