Man Who Deliberately Drove into Pedestrians in Blackpool Sentenced to 5 Years in a Young Offender’s Institution

Jake Hartley, 19, who drove through Blackpool in a fit of rage on April 14 and “ploughed into people during a two mile journey of terror” has been sentenced to five years in a young offender’s institution, according to Stef Hall of The Gazette.

Hartley’s rampage began after an argument with his girlfriend in the Urban Lounge in the Home and HQ nightclub on The Strand. Hartley threw a drink over her, then later returned in a silver Skoda without numberplates to argue and threaten a group of men with a knuckleduster.

After this, Hartley got back into his vehicle and put Blackpool town centre, who feared a terrorist attack, into lockdown. CCTV footage showed Hartley driving in a way that Judge Mark Brown described as “with one purpose in mind and that’s to cause as much damage and mayhem as he can.”

Hartley did not kill anyone, but the 19-year-old admitted to “two counts of causing actual bodily harm, causing serious injury by dangerous driving, dangerous driving, common assault, aggravated vehicle taking, drink driving, possession of a prohibited weapon and having no insurance or licence,” Hall reported.

“You drove around the streets of Blackpool covering a distance of about two miles with total disregard for the safety of pedestrians and other road users. You were swerving towards people and many of them had to jump out of the way fearing as they did for their own safety. When you were travelling along The Strand, a particularly narrow street, you were literally almost ploughing into people,” Judge Mark Brown said.

Hartley has been banned from driving for five years.