Man Jailed 15 Months for Kidnapping Woman in East London

Shafak Abbas, 24, of London was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Sept 15, for an arrest on “suspicion of kidnap, firearms offences, and driving offences and later charged with kidnap, driving whilst disqualified, no insurance and possession of a firearm,” Metropolitan Police reported.

Back in April, specialist firearms officers approached Abbas as he sat in his gold Mercedes in east London. They questioned him, and he admitted that his vehicle wasn’t insured. Something about his behavior seemed suspicious, so the officers searched his car and, in doing so, found a crying 26-year-old woman locked in the boot (trunk).

The entire incident was captured on Body Worn Video, but Abbas still denied the charges in court.

“The footage, which was played during the trial, greatly assisted in the prosecution as it showed the victim being discovered in the boot of the car,” according to Met Police. “It also captured Abbas’s admissions about driving whilst disqualified and being in possession of a firearm.”

“We will not tolerate violence,” investigating officer, Detective Constable Chris Bailey said, “and will do everything in our power to secure a prosecution and to ensure that justice is done.”