Man Loses $80K in Online Romance Scam

Online scams have existed since the beginning of the internet. From Nigerian Princes asking us to care for their millions, to “phishing” links that steal information when clicked on.

Most people are familiar with these common scams. Even so, there’s always someone who falls for them.

Lonely men and women seeking romance often become the target of con artists. Scammers take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people, and show no compassion when milking them of their life savings.

Recently, a Houston man fell victim to a romance scam. Greg Davis, who works two jobs, didn’t have much time to meet woman; so he decided to find love through

The girl called herself Malikah, and she was supposed to be from Chicago. Davis was attracted to her, and thrilled that she seemed to be just as interested in him.

“It didn’t take long for their online romance to graduate to emails, phone calls, and a slew of provocative pictures,” 11Alive reported.

Davis was hooked, and eventually Malikah sent him a message telling him her father had died, leaving her millions of dollars overseas. She just needed some money for taxes and shipping to get hold of those millions….

You can imagine the rest. The smitten Davis sent “Malikah” the money, and unfortunately continued sending it for the next two years. In total, Greg Davis lost nearly 80k, money he was supposed to retire on.

It was only after Davis asked for proof of the inheritance, he knew he’d been had.

Davis was sent a video. It featured “a heavily-accented man” holding a stack of cash – 100 dollar bills with “GREGORY” printed on each note.

Davis finally got a clue. He realized the money wasn’t real currency.

Who was the woman Davis spoke with? Who did he romance? Her identity is still unknown, but scam artists have been known to hire actresses or work together. As for the photos Davis received, 11Alive say they match those found on the Facebook page of a Columbian porn star.

Houston Man Loses Nearly 80K in Romance Scam

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