Man Released From Prison After Doppelganger Discovered

For years, Kansas man Richard Anthony Jones insisted he was innocent of the robbery he was convicted of in 1999. Now, after serving 17 out of a 19 year sentence, he was released on June 8 when authorities discovered his doppelganger.

Jones often heard about another prisoner who looked like him. “Not only were they doppelgangers, but Jones was told that he and the other man shared the same first name,” ABC 7 reported.

Though the two men never met each other, their lawyers got together, exchanged information, and looked into the case more. They presented new information to a judge who decided there was no longer enough evidence to convict Jones.

According to ABC 7, the judge dropped the charges but would not say the other man was guilty, and the lookalike also denies committing the robbery.

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