Man Smoking ‘Wasp’ Breaks into House and Cuts His Own Throat in Front of Mother and Children

Danny Hollis Jr., 35, of Laurence County Tennessee, broke into a home last week, and cut his own throat in front of a mother and four children at the dinner table. Hollis had been smoking “wasp,” a drug made from a combination of meth and crystalized bug spray.

According to Lt Melinda Brewer, Hollis entered the home completely naked. He said the dog was looking at him, then grabbed a knife and cut his own throat right in front of the terrified family. He then ran upstairs and jumped out of a window. Deputies apprehended him after he hit his head on the pavement.

The drug called wasp is “worse than bath salts and causes psychotic episodes,” according to Brewer, and Hollis reportedly didn’t remember anything he did.

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