Margot Parker Says Foreign Aid is Squandered on Ridiculous Schemes Abroad

The UK could cut aid to developing countries if they are not helping their own people, according to International Development Secretary Penny Mourdant.

Margot Parker MEP for the East Midlands and UKIP Deputy Leader Spokesman on Aid and International Development, responded positively to this news.

“Too much of our bloated aid budget, which topped £13bn last year, was being spent on ridiculous schemes and projects,” Parker said. “We see large chunks of our money spent on ridiculous schemes. These have included help for coconut farmers in the Caribbean, promoting African dancing and funding juggling lessons in Tanzania.”

Parker believes the whole system needs an overhaul, and that the government has to “get a grip” on spending.

“It is particularly crucial when we see the problems facing the NHS and social care provision in our own country,” Parker said. “Imagine how those services would benefit from some of this money, which quite frankly, is being squandered on many schemes abroad.”