Masseur Mohamed Sentenced For Sexual Assault – Shouts That Jury Only Found Him Guilty Because They Were Women

Mohamed El Alfy, 34, of Hammersmith UK, has been jailed for eight years for two counts of sexual assault, and one count of digital penetration, which he committed against clients while working as a masseur.

El Alfy was first reported to police in 2012 after a 33-year-old woman went for a sports massage at the Happiness Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. The woman lay naked except for a towel when El Alfy sexually assaulted her during the massage. He denied the allegations and was released.

El Alfy was arrested again in 2015 after abusing two women in one day at the Hilton Hotel in Brentford. One was a 45-year-old who El Alfy assaulted while she lay on her front for a massage. The other, a 48-year-old woman who came in for a facial massage. Both women reported him, and El Alfy was charged.

“At the conclusion of the court case on 7 July, El Alfy was found guilty of all three offences,” Metropolitan Police Newsroom reported. “On hearing the guilty verdict El Alfy became aggressive and shouted at the jury that they had only found him guilty because they were women.”

El Alfty was sentenced to two years for both sexual assaults and four years for the digital penetration, with all sentences to run consecutively.

“El Alfy targeted women he encountered through his job as a masseur, abusing his role to carry out these attacks. His sentence of eight years reflects the seriousness of the offences he committed,” Detective Inspector Rory Wilkinson of the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said. “The successful prosecution is due largely to the tenacity of the officers in the case – Detective Constable Wintle and Detective Constable Meadows.”

Wilkinson also commended the victims for their bravery in giving evidence in court.

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