Mayor Khan Tweets About Trump Not Being Welcome in London

London’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, a vocal critic of President Trump, gloated on Friday after learning that the president cancelled his visit to the UK capital.

“Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda,” Khan said. “It seems he’s finally got that message.”

Khan included this statement:

President Trump tweeted on Thursday that he cancelled his trip because he was not a fan of the Obama Administration having sold the American Embassy in London. However, Mayor Khan has made it clear for some time that he will not welcome the U.S. president, and has tried to have him banned from the UK.

Some who commented on Khan’s anti-Trump tweet agreed with him.

“Not just London,” a woman named Tina tweeted back. “The whole country, UK. We don’t do Donald.”

The majority of the responses, however, were to chide Mayor Khan, telling him he doesn’t speak for London or the people in the UK.

Photo: Sadiq Khan At Trafalgar Square December 2017