Mayor of London ‘Angered and Heartbroken’ by Recent Violent Deaths – Say Patrols are Increased and Extra Stop-and-Search is in Place

Mayor Sadiq Khan of London said on Thursday he was angered and heartbroken by the recent violent deaths in the city streets, and that patrols have been increased with extra stop-and-search powers in place, a measure he formerly opposed because he claimed it unfairly targeted ethnic minorities.

“If you have any information about these horrific crimes – please contact the police,” Khan said.

Recently, London surpassed New York City for the amount of murders committed, and hospitals are said to resemble war zones.

The Mayor has been criticized for appearing to focus more on online “hate crime” and “hate speech” than actual stabbings, acid attacks, and murder.

Though some might see the Mayor’s announcement as a positive step, others expressed annoyance at how long it took Mayor Khan to acknowledge the problem, and are calling for his resignation.