Mayor of London Says He’s a ‘Proud Feminist’

Today is International Women’s Day, “a global day of celebration and a call for gender equality,” according to honor it, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been tweeting support for women’s rights. Mayor Khan included a meme of himself with the quote: “Three facts: My name is Sadiq Khan, I’m the Mayor of London & I’m a proud feminist.”

Sadiq Khan is London’s first elected Muslim mayor, and describes the city as “an international hub of creativity and a beacon of diversity.” Mayor Khan says he’ll do everything in his power to remove barriers to women in the workplace. “I’m supporting businesses and organisations that are fighting for gender equality,” Khan tweeted, and he’d like London to be the best city in the world for women to do business.

Some are not convinced, however.

Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter
International Women’s Days 2017

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