Minneapolis Muslim Who Slashed Brothers in the Mall Says it Was ‘Act of Jihad in the Way of Allah’

Mahad A. Abdiraham, 20, of Minneapolis who slashed Alexander Sanchez, 19, and his brother John Sanchez, 25, in Macy’s last year said in a court statement that he “went to Mall of America to answer the call for Jihad” and that he wanted to reaffirm “it was indeed an act of Jihad in the way of Allah.”

According to Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune, the charging document did not describe Abdiraham’s motive for the attack, but suggested he had “psychological problems.” Abdiraham, however, wanted his motive to be known by everyone.

“I want the reason for my attack to be clear to this court and to the public, so that you may understand that you will never be safe as long as your country is at war with Islam,” Abdiraham said, then added that the threat of death or prison would not deter fighting for the sake of Allah.

Cindy Leon, an aunt of the brothers, said Alex Sanchez can’t move one side of his face and is undergoing physical and psychological therapy, and that John has limited use of a thumb and lingering pain in his back.

“This evil human being was trying to kill Alex and John because of his stupid beliefs,” Leon said. “I want the world to know the truth. … Everyone needs to know this was a terrorist attack.”

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