Moroccan Migrants in Brussels Said to Have Burned Cars, Broke Shop Windows, and Injured 22 Police Officers

Two riots have broken out within a week in Brussels. The first took place on Saturday during a celebration of Morocco’s return to soccer’s World Cup finals. Crowds clashed with police, setting cars on fire, and injuring 22 police officers.

The second took place on Wednesday after a rapper, who asked his followers on social media “not to run” if police came, tried to illegally shoot a video. Around 100 people showed up, and when police began to approach the crowd, they were attacked.

“Brussels is well-known for its large immigrant population, and more infamously known for its radical Islamist scene,” Chris Tomlinson of Breitbart said. “The suburb of Molenbeek has become notorious for producing several Islamist terrorists over recent years and for residents who hid one of the Paris Bataclan massacre attackers for months.”

During Sunday’s riot no one was taken in, but thirty-one “youths” were arrested during the second riot on Wednesday.