Critics Say New Bill Allows Healthcare Givers to Starve Patients With Illnesses Like Alzheimer’s and Dementia

On Tuesday, Oregon’s Senate passed House Bill 4135 that critics say will allow healthcare givers to starve patients with illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s by removing access to food and water from them.

“Under the old advanced directive, caretakers may not decide to starve a mentally impaired patient to death unless that caretaker has been given decision-making authority by the patient before becoming mentally impaired…” Fr Mark Hodges reported. “HB-4135 reverses that provision, allowing a mentally impaired patient to be starved to death — even against his or her will — unless the patient has made a contrary advanced directive.”

From Life Site News

“The disregard every single Democrat in the Oregon Legislature had for the concerns raised about House Bill 4135 was disgraceful. Stakeholders — including doctors, an attorney, and thousands of Oregonians — expressed concern that the bill would have unintended consequences endangering vulnerable people. These concerns were ignored.”

Bill Harris testified in favor of the legislation. His wife had dementia, and he went to court to legally starve her to death. He said he supports HB-4135 because his court case was unsuccessful.

The bill now goes to Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s desk for signing into law. Gov. Brown is praised by abortion groups such as Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood.

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize abortion in 1969 and the first state in the union to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in 1997.