Newt Gingrich Explains Why He Doesn’t Support Mitt Romney

Former Speaker of House Newt Gingrich told Fox News why he thought it would be bad for President-elect Donald Trump to choose Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. “First of all President-elect Trump can pick whoever he wants. He is going to be president, and if he picks Romney, I’ll support him because he has the right to build a cabinet he wants to have,” Gingrich said, “but as long as we’re discussing the possibility, I think it’s a disaster.”

Gingrich went on to explain that Romney fought against Trump “every single step of the way” before the election, and reminded us of the vicious language Romney used against him.

Newt is not alone in his opinion. The hashtag #NeverRomney is trending on Twitter, and Jeanine Pirro recently posted a poll regarding Mitt Romney. At the time of this writing, 85% of the voters on Jeanine’s poll said they were against the idea of Trump choosing Romney.

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