North Korea Removes Anti-US Propaganda and Replaces it With Praise at the Prospect of Uniting Korea

North Korea have removed much of their anti-US propaganda and posters which paint the United States as a “rotten, diseased, pirate nation” and have replaced them with positive messages praising the prospect for Korean reunification, according to Eileen AJ Connelly of the New York Post.

“Murals, banners and posters displayed throughout the capital, Pyongyang, have for decades depicted the U.S. as a brutal, imperialist aggressor hell-bent on destroying the North Korean regime. South Korea and Japan were also frequently targeted as willing allies of the U.S.,” Connelly said. “But things started to take an Orwellian turn in the run-up to Kim’s June 12 summit with President Donald Trump, with the old posters vanishing since then.”

Reportedly, the main newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, hasn’t featured a direct attack on Trump since March, but instead features photos of Kim and Trump working together at the summit; and other international events are reported sooner and in more neutral language.

“In tone, the US is now depicted as if it is a normal country,” Peter Ward, writer for NK News, said. “All references to US actions that North Korea considers a hostile acts have disappeared from the paper.”