Not Everyone Thrilled About Royal Wedding Frenzy

Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle on Saturday in an event watched by millions around the world. Details were covered by media outlets in multiple countries, and this massive gushing about everything from the bride’s dress to the big name celebrities in attendance might cause one to believe that most people can’t get enough of Harry and Meghan: It might surprise some to learn that many are actually fed up with not being able to escape the news coverage.

The wedding is over now, but the news is still talking about it, and to be fair we here at SevenStar are talking about it too. SevenStar HQ is not too far from Windsor Castle!

Some people love weddings, so a royal wedding is exciting for them in the same way a celebrity wedding is exciting, while others support the royal family itself and the event means more to them than that. On the other end of the spectrum are those who would like to see the royal family abolished, and the mere mention of it causes annoyance.

Then there’s another group. People who would normally support the royal family, but are not overly thrilled with Harry and Meghan for political reasons. The royal family is supposed to remain non-political, but this couple have made it clear that they’re fans of former US President Barack Obama, and in the past Meghan made disparaging remarks about current President Donald Trump.

Feelings about this wedding have been mixed, and though many are weary of hearing about it, to not report on it at all would be folly since it has become such a big deal around the world. Regardless of where one stands on the royal family or the individuals involved, it is safe to say those who watched this wedding just witnessed a piece of history.