Oxford Student Who Was Given a Controversial Suspended Sentence After Stabbing Her Ex Now Challenges the Suspended Sentence

Lavinia Woodward, 25, who attacked and stabbed her then-partner in the leg, was given a suspended sentence by Judge Ian Pringle QC who said she was “too bright for jail” and that jail would end her dreams of being a heart surgeon. Now this “extraordinarily able young lady” as described by the judge is challenging the suspended sentence she was given.

In December 2016, Woodward was high on cocaine and alcohol. When she learned her then-partner had contacted her mother, she threw a tantrum and stabbed him in the leg with a bread knife. Woodward went to court for this attack, but instead of being punished, she was given a suspended sentence.

“The judge’s leniency angered justice campaigners, who claimed she would have been sentenced differently if she was a man or came from a council estate,” Thomas Burrows of The Sun said.

“The arrogance of this self serving brat,” Pink 2811 commented. “She was afforded what was perceived by most an exceptionally lenient sentence. Rather than keep her head down and thank her lucky stars, she’s appealing her sentence! I hope she realises that though the judge can repeal the sentence, he can also impose a stiffer one. Let’s hope he does.”

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