Piers Corbyn, Brother of Labour Leader Jeremy, Defends Pres. Trump

Piers Corbyn, an astrophysicist and weather forecaster who is the older brother of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has come out in defense of Pres. Donald Trump after the president was criticized by UK politicians for retweeting videos by the controversial anti-Muslim group Britain First.

“PEOPLE! WAKE UP. My take is Trump deliberately retweeted from someone who he knew would cause offence in order to magnify publicity and expose many politicians in front of the people for attacking the messenger (him) rather than discuss the content of the news concerned,” he said on Thursday.

Corbyn also retweeted posts urging PM Theresa May to clarify if the UK stands with Pres. Trump against radical Islam, and another that criticized her for being an appeaser.

Pres. Trump’s Twitter retweets caused such a controversy among UK politicians that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among those who condemned him. His brother Piers, however, clearly has a different perspective on the matter.