Preview of Julian Assange Interview: ‘We Have Said, Repeatedly’ Wikileaks Source Not the Russian Government

Sean Hannity has done an exclusive interview with Julian Assange. It is scheduled to air tonight on Fox News at 10pm ET. Julian Assange states (again) in this interview that the Russian Government did not give Wikileaks information on the DNC.

Preview of Sean Hannity’s Interview With Julian Assange

This is not the first time Sean Hannity has spoken to Julian Assange. He interviewed him on the radio December 15 2016, and at that time Assange stated quite clearly that Wikileaks source was not the Russian government.

Russia Did Not ‘Hack The Election’
Julian Assange and British Ambassador Says Wikileaks Source Not Russian

FROM RealClear Politics (Linked to by Drudge Report)
Assange To Hannity: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government

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