Report Says Family-Friendly Movies Make More Money Than Films With Strong Secular Content, Sex or Foul Language

According to a Movieguide report, films with faith and moral values make more money at the Box Office than films with explicit sex, foul language, or nudity. In 2017, the most family-friendly movies averaged $51.70 million per film, while the least averaged $11.67 million.

“Movies with very strong secular humanist or atheist content or worldviews did even worse, averaging only $1.16 million per movie!” Tom Snyder of Charisma News reported.

Movieguide identified 75 movies from 2017 with Christian or redemptive content, an increase of 60% from 2012. These totaled $5.68 billion at the box office in Canada and the United States.

“Despite a couple disturbing trends, 2017 was another big year for family movies and movies with faith and values,” Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide, said.