Residents Who Live on Bell End Street Launch Petition to Change the Name

Residents who live on a street called Bell End have launched a petition to change the name, because in Britain the term “bell end” is considered an insult, and refers to the tip of a penis.

According to those who created the petition, the street name is affecting the people who live there. Children are reportedly bullied at school, and even property is worth less.

“Three years ago the road, which has an average property value of £125,000, was placed in the top 15 list for rude sounding place names,” RT reported. “Semi-detached homes on Bell End sell for £60,000 less than a similar property on nearby Uplands Avenue.”

“If some people find the name offensive and children are being teased about where they live then there is obviously an issue,” Independent Councillor Barbara Price said. “I will be consulting with residents and speaking to the cabinet member in question to see if anything can be done.”