Revelator Kat Kerr Calls on Christians to Command Hurricane Irma Like Jesus Calmed the Storm in the Bible

Christian revelator Kat Kerr, known in Charismatic circles for her messages about heaven, has called on believers to take authority over Hurricane Irma the way Jesus commanded the weather in the Bible.

“You know if you’ve been watching the news, there is a hurricane on the way, they think, to Florida,” Kerr said. “However, because we’re over the weather we have the right to command that storm to go elsewhere, and even to dissipate.”

Kerr said there’s a protocol to doing this. “For 30 years we’ve been studying a lot of the weather patterns and weather systems in this earth when God was first teaching me how to take authority over it, and it helps when you know this because if you just say ‘take it away’ you’re not really helping much, and you can’t tell the Host [angels] to take it away. You have to remember Jesus Christ gave us, the believers, power over all the power of the enemy.”

Kerr explained that God created weather and the four seasons to bless the earth, and that He never created destructive weather patterns.

“The devil, yes, can get into the weather patterns, because we don’t do anything about it. For generations of the ages we have allowed him to rule in any place he wants to, but we are not doing that any more. It is called participating when you sit back and watch him bring destruction, and you don’t take authority over it,” Kerr said. “It’s not just the ISIS, the criminals, the drug trafficking, the human trafficking. All of that is awful, and we know Satan is involved in that. But you have to realize that anything that has anything to do with kill, steal, destroy – that is Satan being involved in it, and he loves to get in the weather and bring great destruction like he did in Texas.”

Kerr is recruiting Christians to be “weather warriors” and is giving them instructions on how to take authority over the weather the way Jesus did. On Thursday she sent this message to the weather warriors.

Just a heads up. There is a Great possibility that even this soon, there could be results from our ruling over Irma and could receive an update from weather channel that the storm has changed. Since we already symbolically HIT the storm; it may affect its course to go North which would be wonderful. This is the first time that revelatory warfare has been done against a hurricane through the combined authority and actions of the body of Christ together. It could accelerate the displacing of the storm. Woo Hoo, keep ruling and we will live in the dominion Christ gave us! P.S. ignore the comments of those who are clueless, we are running our race with the one who holds the air we breathe. All GLORY TO OUR KING JESUS!

“Weather Warriors, Let’s do this” -Kat Kerr