RSPCA Launches Rehabilitation Program For People Who Cause Suffering to Animals

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has launched a rehabilitation scheme for people convicted of animal welfare offences, with Kent being one of the first locations to try it.

“We have all heard of speeding courses for those who have broken the limit to educate them,” David Allen, RSPCA’s head of education, said. “Similarly, this scheme aims to teach offenders that animals feel fear and pain like us, spelling out the impact of their crimes, encouraging empathy for animals and advice about how to care for them.”

Sam Lennon of KentOnline reported that two men from Dover and a woman from Snodland have already been ordered to take the course which aims to teach about the basic needs of animals, their feelings and how to be a responsible owner.

Lennon showed examples of some of the neglected and abused animals, prompting a reaction from the comments section. One poster said they should just shoot the abusers and “save the money trying to rehabilitate idiots like these.”

Another said the scheme would allow people to “attend, nod, smile, and leave” but then go back to abusing the animals, and suggested heavy jail time for offenders instead.