Schoolboy Starts Petition to Ban Homework

Schoolboy Lee Sibley is fed up with having to do so much homework, so started a petition on to get it banned in England. According to Sibley, teachers set how much homework they want “which it isn’t fair and this causes health problems because you are not doing fun things like hobbies.”

“Even teachers get breaks over the weekend,” he pointed out.

Sibley said students can spend hours doing homework, and the teachers don’t even mark it.

“Also they don’t realise that you only stay a kid for not long so you want to enjoy it,” he said.

Sibley’s petition claims homework doesn’t help with grades and learning, but causes “unnecessary stress” and he uses Finland as an example of a country that does well academically, but doesn’t give students loads of homework.

He may have a point.  A Stanford study found that students in countries that assigned less homework like Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic did better than those in countries with a lot of homework like Greece, Thailand, and Iran.

“Enough is enough we need action fast,” Sibley said.