Sharia Law Protest in Chicago

Today, more than two dozen cities across the United States held marches again Sharia law, including protests and counter-protests in downtown Chicago.

“It’s got nothing to do with race. Nothing whatsoever,” Terri Everett, one of the anti-Sharia marchers, said. “They say hate. We’re not about hate. We’re about the opposite of that. Women should be treated as equal human beings.”

Counter-protesters, however, claim the anti-Sharia marches are based on “racism.”

“They say they’re against female mutilation and Sharia law,” John Beacham said, “which really if you put them together means that we should be afraid of Muslims like doing things to women here in the United States. That’s ridiculous.”

According to CBS Chicago, the anti-Sharia marches come amid “a rise of reports of anti-Muslim incidents” in the US.

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