Site Urges ‘Unicorn Glitter Revenge’ on Enemies and News Outlets

For a small fee, a prank website claims it will anonymously send a “Unicorn Glitter Bomb” to designated enemies.

“Someone did you wrong? Set them straight! Violet, our unicorn has something for them on your behalf!” the site declares, and apparently will also send a letter “which strongly suggests to the a*$$h01es who earned it to make an effort at being a better person.”

The glitter is described as “extremely fine” and something an enemy will find “for a good long time!”

We became aware of this revenge unicorn after @UnicornGlitterB followed us on Twitter, and we found this tweet:

So far the unicorn hasn’t been to SevenStar News.

Disclaimer: We do not know the site owners. Visit at your own risk