Spice Epidemic Causing the Homeless to act Like Zombies

UK’s Manchester Evening News reported that a new strain of Spice, a drug made up of amphetamines and other lab chemicals, is turning their city’s homeless into the walking dead.

The drug known as Spice reportedly came on the scene two or three years ago, but now there’s a new strain of it mixed with tranquillisers that causes the people who smoke it to “freeze.” The Spice leaves the people “standing or squatting like statues,” according to the Manchester Evening News. “In some cases they then they keel over onto their faces. Over the last week there has been a surge in emergency ambulance call outs to people in the city centre who have ‘frozen’ and then collapsed after taking Spice.”

Northern Quarter-based charity Lifeshare estimates that 95 per cent of young homeless people in the area are on Spice, and warn of young people being trafficked, gang raped, contracting HIV, and dying because of it.

“The new stuff is mixed with the tranquilliser they use when transporting koi carp to calm them down,” according to Lewis Morris, a man who has been living on the street since December. “Somebody could offer me £1,000 of it now but I would just burn it. That’s how against it I am.”

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