Teen Mother Who Dressed as Clown to Stab Lover in Human Sacrifice Sentenced to 11 Years

Zoe Adams, 19, of Cumbria, who dressed as a clown and repeatedly stabbed 17-year-old Kieran Bewick in an attempted human sacrifice, has been sentenced to 11+ years in jail.

Adams and Bewick, who had an on-off relationship, spent much of July 29 2017 shopping before they went back to Adams’ home to drink vodka and smoke cannabis. Bewick got sick from the vodka, so went upstairs to lay down.

Shortly after, Adams appeared by the bed wearing clown makeup.

“She had diamond eyes, and a Joker mouth, with red lipstick on the lips, and she had her hands behind her back. She had a weird smirk on her face,” Bewick said.

According to Bewick, he and Adams had talked about clowns the day before when Bewick confided that a barefoot clown was his nightmare. Adams replied: “A barefoot clown, the ultimate Kieran killer.”

Adams wanted to tie Bewick up. He refused, but agreed to let her put a pillow over his head.

From The New York Post

Bewick continued: “She asked again, ‘Can I tie you to the bed?’ I said no, and then she said, ‘Put the pillow over your face, then it is kinkier that way.’”

“So I put the pillow on my head. She had been tracing with her finger on my chest and asked, ‘Do you really love me?’”

“I said, ‘Yes.’ She said: ‘Do you really want me?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She put her hand behind her back, I thought that she had my phone.”

“She said, ‘Put the pillow back on your face, trust me.’ That’s when she stabbed me. I did not feel pain, but I felt the bleeding. I felt my lung pop and squirt blood.”

Bewick managed to run downstairs where he saw Adams in the kitchen, knife still in hand.

“As he fled, he said, he asked her: ‘Why?’ Her response was a shrug of her shoulders,” the News & Star reported. “In just his boxers and his socks, he ran the length of the street, and sought help from Adams’ aunt, who was outside her house having a cigarette. As he arrived, he said: ‘Zoe’s stabbed me.'”

Adams’ aunt called an ambulance, and Bewick was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries which required emergency surgery at Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, Cumbria Police said.

Reportedly, Adams told Bewick earlier how she unblocked a man on Facebook that she’d fallen out with. Bewick asked her why, and she replied she wanted to invite him round to kill him. Adams also liked gruesome murder videos, and told Bewick in a text message that her sexual fantasy was a male tied up, and used as a human sacrifice.

“One (video) she showed me was of three guys beating up a guy who was unconscious in a wood with a baseball bat and caving his head in,” Bewick said. “Whereas normal people would be repulsed and, where I found myself being repulsed, she was watching it with intent.”

Bewick, who was 17-years-old at the time, said he wrote it all off as Adams just being “strange” or “a little bit of a weird person with a weird sense of humour.”

A few months before the stabbing, Bewick published a fantasy novel “Ascendance” where “the world of demons collides with the world of mankind” and admitted it contained murders and stabbings.

“I wrote that in what I thought was a way that would make a good film,” he said.

“Greaves, of the Cumbria police, told jurors that a number of ‘highly concerning’ images had been found on Adams’ phone — including an image showing blood around genitals,” the New York Post reported. “One message read: “His wife cut his d*ck off and cooked it with noodles.”

Adams, who used a kitchen knife with a black handle and a blade around six to seven inches in length to stab Bewick, claimed she didn’t remember what happened until after the attack, and that she kept a knife between the head of her bed and the wall for protection since only she and her daughter lived there.

“Any assault with a knife has the potential for fatal consequences,” Detective Constable Calvin Greaves said. “In this instance, the young victim of this callous and violent attack has been very fortunate to escape with his life.”