Teen Trashes California Store to Get Views on Social Media

In Santa Clarita, an “Instagram prankster” hit five businesses this week, leaving a mess behind him – and all to get attention on social media.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the teenager and his friends are “terrorizing” Santa Clarita businesses for the sake of Instagram fame. The police know who the culprits are, but haven’t arrested them yet; and in the mean time, the owner of the Valencia Liquor store had to close down to spend 6 or 7 hours cleaning up after the “prankster.”

The teen, a “wannabe Instagram star” reportedly takes dares from viewers to carry them out, and his accomplices film his antics. Earlier this week the teen stripped down to his underwear, and stole food from the kitchen of a Popeye’s Chicken chain, dumped a slurpee on his head in 7-11, flung himself down the lane at a bowling alley, and stole pizza from a Domino’s delivery driver.

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