Terrorist Supporter Who Called For Destruction of Britain Has Been Denied Entry Into the UK

On Saturday we reported that Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, an Islamist who called for the destruction of the USA and Britain, was set to meet with UK Parliament.

Breaking news: Sabri has been denied entry into the  UK.

Over 18,000 people signed a petition launched four days ago calling for the UK Government to ban Sheikh Ekrima Sabri from entering the UK.

“With YOUR help, the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a terrorist-supporting, Holocaust-denying anti-Semite who has called for the destruction of Britain has been DENIED entry into the UK and will now NOT meet MPs in the UK Parliament next week,” the petition updated to say.

According to the petition, Europal referred to the CUFI campaign saying “a campaign by pro-Israel groups” had “no bearing on the decision to withhold an entry visa to Sheikh Sabri” but CUFI believes the response did influence the Government.

Reportedly, a smaller delegation without Sabri will still visit Parliament.

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