Texas Church Shooter – What We Know

The mass shooter who murdered 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Texas, including a two-year-old baby, has been identified as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley who entered the church dressed in black tactical gear with a ballistics belt and assault rifle.

Devin Kelley mugshot

Kelley, who grew up in his parent’s $1 million home in New Braunfels, had been in the U.S. Air Force, but was dishonorably discharged for assaulting his wife and child three years ago. He was also licensed as a security guard for a waterpark.

Though Kelley reportedly volunteered to teach Bible study at one time, his social media posts and behavior indicate that he was an atheist who viewed Christians with disdain. He made multiple posts on Facebook about his atheism.

Nina Rose Nava, who went to school with Kelley, said she had just deleted him off her Facebook because she couldn’t stand his posts. “He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism,” she said. Christopher Leo Longoria, another Facebook friend, said he removed Kelley for the same reason.

According to MailOnline the gunman’s mother-in-law, Michelle Shields, attended the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, and was friends on social media with the pastor’s wife. Whether Shields was at the church at the time of the shooting isn’t known at this time.

Kelley might have continued killing or gotten away if not for the citizens who pursued him. Stephen Willeford, 55, shot Kelley through a gap in his body armor as he tried to leave the church. Kelley, who is now deceased, was reportedly killed by Willeford after a high speed car chase, though the exact cause of death hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Johnnie Langendorf also helped pursue Kelley

“It was the worst mass shooting in Texas history. The details – children hiding under pews and gunned down; churchgoers slaughtered as they worshipped with family – were horrific. Just five days ago, the church had posted now heartbreaking photos of a fall festival on Facebook,” Heavy reported.

Some of the victims

One survivor, John Holcombe, lost his parents, his pregnant wife, his three children, and his unborn child. His two other children are in critical condition.

“There is no evidence that he was a member of Antifa or carried out the attack on behalf of the far left group,” Heavy said of Kelley. “There is also no evidence he converted to Islam and was a practicing Muslim, as other social media rumors have claimed. Some doctored photos have circulated on social media, and people identified the wrong people as suspects early on.”

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