Theresa May ‘Failed Completely’ says Nigel Farage

After the United Kingdom’s election resulted in a hung parliament on Friday, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage expressed concerns that the type of Brexit he wanted may not be delivered; and he had words about PM Theresa May.

“In the end I think this was more about personality,” Farage said. “She failed the test. She didn’t look like a leader, and Jeremy Corbyn was having a ball. He was going around the country engaging people, getting new people out there to vote.”

When questioned as to whether May could pull off assembling a government to cope with the new circumstances, Farage said, “Maybe she can put together a government, but can she pull off the Brexit process? Four times in this campaign I saw her asked as somebody who backed Remain do you now believe in Brexit? And four times she could not answer the question, just that [she] was going to do the will of the people. You cannot go to Brussels and negotiate something as important as this unless you believe in it in your heart.”

Though Theresa May won’t resign today, Farage believes if Brexit is going to succeed, the UK need someone leading the government who believes in it. When asked if he thought May should go, Farage said, “Absolutely, yes I do. I think she’s failed completely. I think she has weakened her own position not just within British politics, but she’s weakened the UK’s position with these re-negotiations.”

Farage said that if the British people did not get the kind of Brexit they voted for, he would have no choice but to involve himself again with full time campaigning.

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