Theresa May to Support ‘Religious Groups’ with £1m to Stamp Out ‘Hate Crime’

“Religious hate crime is completely unacceptable. That’s why we’re supporting religious groups with a £1m fund to stamp it out,” Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted on Friday.

Successful applicants in England and Wales will receive up to £56,000 towards improved security to “counter the threat from hate crimes at their premises.” According to the Home Office, previous funding has been given when places of worship have been the recipient of graffiti, defacing of religious symbols or attacks on worshippers.

“The United Kingdom has in place one of the strongest legislative frameworks in the world to protect communities from hostility, violence and bigotry, and we keep it under constant review to ensure that it remains effective and appropriate in the face of new and emerging threats,” The Home office said. “We are also working with communities to ensure people know how to report any hate incidents and where to get support, and have taken steps to increase reporting of hate crime, ensuring the police now record hate crimes by the religion of the victim.”

To receive funding from the government, the places of worship will need to provide evidence that they’re vulnerable to hate crime or have been subjected to it within the last 2 years.

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