Katie Hopkins Speaks Out on Tommy Robinson’s Day of Appeal

British media personality Katie Hopkins sent this message to her followers about Tommy Robinson who was arrested and imprisoned while he was speaking out against Muslim rape gangs.

Hopkins’ message transcribed:

The world is watching. On Wednesday, Tommy Robinson’s appeal will be heard in the courts of justice in London. He’s appealing his sentencing. Thirteen months for the crime of repeating information already in the public domain. Thirteen months – unheard of, unprecedented.

Many think that he deserves time inside, that he’s an idiot for breaking the terms of a previous court order. Fine. Call him an idiot, but let’s not forget an historical willingness to turn a blind eye to follow orders not to see is what got us into this mess in the first place. Many say that even being near the court would have prevented justice being done. But let me ask you this. Where was this swift justice, this five hour sentencing for the monsters who gang-raped an eleven-year-old girl?

Even if you believe Tommy should have stayed away from the court that day, perhaps we might also agree that in the battle between good and evil it’s the majority Pakistani Muslim men raping our white daughters in squads who are evil. Tommy Robinson is on the side of good. And even if you still think he deserves to be punished, basic humanity suggests Tommy has the right to protection from physical harm during his detention. And that’s a right no physical governor can guarantee. The Muslim overlords of our jail system will get him eventually. Tommy Robinson must be sent home to his family.

To the establishment I say this: Tommy Robinson was a regular guy. You made him a martyr. When he is set free his voice will be louder than before. Perhaps the next time the establishment looks to silence a dissenting voice, and throw one of ours to the wolves they’ll think again. It’s a funny old thing. The more you silence us, the louder we become; and now the world is listening too. You have given us voices. We are prepared to shout for our country. We stand strong for Britain. We get furious, and we fight back.