Trudeau’s Government Requires Employers to Support Abortion and Transgender Rights to Receive Summer Job Funding Grants – Pro-Life Group is Suing

Toronto Right to Life Association is suing Justin Trudeau’s government for requiring employers to sign an “attestation” in support of abortion and transgender rights to be able to receive summer job funding grants.

“Compelling individuals to adopt certain beliefs in order to receive benefits…is a breach of their conscience rights, religious rights, expression rights and right to equality under the Charter,” Calgary-based constitutional lawyer Carol Crosson told LifeSiteNews.

To create jobs for students, Canada Summer Jobs grants funds to small businesses, non-profit groups, and public sector employers. It used to be up to individual members of Parliament to approve applications.

“But Liberal employment minister Patty Hajdu introduced new criteria December 19, after making it clear last year she would change how the program is administered to prevent pro-life groups from receiving funds,” Lianne Laurence of LifeSiteNews reported.

Toronto Right to Life are currently raising money to cover the costs of the legal battle to change this.

Photo of Justin Trudeau by JustinLing