Trump Meets Kim – In Tweets

President Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday will go down in the history books. It was a jaw dropping event for many, and certainly unprecedented. Even Kim Jong Un said to Trump through a translator that the people of the world would think of the meeting as “a form of fantasy … from a science fiction movie.”

Our reaction:

How things went down the last few days:

Basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who has friendly connections to both President Trump and Kim Jong Un, showed support for the Singapore Summit. Rodman had no official role in the Singapore negotiations, but many believe his visits to North Korea and his friendship with Kim Jong Un had a positive impact.

Rodman gives an emotional interview to CNN while wearing a red MAGA hat!

Trump leaves G7 Summit in Canada to fly to Singapore:

Trump and Kim:

Trump talks to the media:

To be continued…