Trump Says Things Will Happen to North Korea ‘Like They Never Thought Possible’ If they Attack the USA

When Pres. Trump spoke at a press conference on Thursday, a reporter asked him if he could offer any assurance to the American people who were “anxious” about an attack from North Korea. Could he assure the people that he had things under control? Trump responded that the American people should be “very comfortable.”

“If North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we represent, our allies or us, they can be very very nervous,” Trump said. “They should be very nervous, because things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”

The president said that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un has been pushing the world around for a long time.

“I have great respect for China and Russia, what they did on sanctions,” Trump said, referring to recent sanctions against North Korea. “But probably it won’t be as effective as a lot of people think it can be – unfortunately.”

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