Two Women Say They Hate Their Children, and Moan About Being Denied Abortions

The Mirror ran an article on Saturday with the headline “Guilt-ridden mum admits she ‘hates’ her third child – and ‘would have been relieved if he died in his sleep.”

The writer, Nicola Oakley, uses terms like “guilt-ridden” and “desperate” when describing this woman who openly admits she hates her child. She says the lady is “clearly struggling” and “begged others not to judge her.”

The featured woman, anonymous apart from calling herself “DislikeMyThird” on Reddit, didn’t realize she was pregnant until 16 weeks in when she felt the baby move. That’s when she learned it was too late for an abortion, and she “sobbed her eyes out” over this because she hated the baby and toddler stage with her daughters, and didn’t want to have to go through that again.

DislikeMyThird was so against having another baby, that she wished the pregnancy would have problems, which she considered the next best thing to that abortion she was denied. It was a healthy pregnancy, however, and so she had to “fake happiness.”

“I sobbed,” DislikeMyThird said. “I wished more than anything I realized I was pregnant earlier and could have had the abortion I wanted.”

During the latter part of DislikeMyThird’s pregnancy, she was made redundant. “My career probably would have been thriving if not for his birth,” she moaned. “I am now working somewhere crap in a crappy role that I hate.”

The woman admits she loves her daughters but not her son, and that when her little boy comes to hug her she feels nothing for him, but she loves it when her daughters do the same thing.

“We basically all wish he wasn’t born,” she said.

DislikeMyThird is apparently not alone. Oakley wrote about another woman who said that her “Oops birth control failure baby” was now a 14 year old girl.

“Abortion was illegal at the time in my country,” the second woman said. “I still don’t really ‘love’ her and only look after her because it is my obligation. I feel sorry for her, but also feel sorry for myself at times. I was denied the choice I wanted to make.”

The “choice” these women were denied