UK Man Waving Fake Gun Gets Harsher Sentence Than Pedophiles and Attempted Murderers

Peter Brown, 29, of Stanford-le-Hope was sentenced to 10 years and nine months in prison on April 13 for waving a fake gun to scare people, whereas within the last month alone human traffickers, pedophiles, and attempted murderers have received lesser sentences.

On April 12, Ahmed Amizane and Stuart Battams viciously attacked Dennis Clarke for no apparent reason, leaving him with “life changing injuries” and having to have a large section of his skull removed. Clarke required 37 staples to his head, and now wears a protective helmet pending further surgery. “They did not show any remorse for their actions during the trial,” Detective Constable Colin Anderson said. Their sentence? Amizane got 2 years and nine months, and Battams 2 years and seven months.

Tariq Qayyum, 61, attempted to kidnap an 11-year-old girl back in December by trying to entice her into his vehicle. He pleaded guilty, and on March 16 was sentenced to just 3 years.

Ayoub Benhammwu, 22, who attacked and seriously injured a police officer received 5 years and four months, and must serve “a minimum” of 2 years and four months.

Aaron St Omer, 32, who was planning to kidnap a 12-year-old girl to rape and torture her was found guilty of 1. Arranging/facilitating the commission of a child sex offence 2. Supplying class A drugs 3. The possession with intent to supply class A, B and C drugs and 4. The possession of an offensive weapon. Note: Omer’s weapon was REAL. His sentence for all? Just 9 years!

Shaquille Wokoh, 24, who was arrested for attempted murder and also money laundering, drove onto the pavement (sidewalk) in an attempt to run people over with his car. “This was a deliberate use of a car as a deadly weapon,” PC Gary Sanders from Lewisham Borough said. “It was only by luck that no one was killed or suffered serious injuries.” What did Wokoh get? 8 years!

Mahad Yusuf, 21, trafficked a vulnerable 19-year-old woman for the “purposes of exploitation under the Modern Slavery Act and conspiracy” to supply cocaine and heroin. Yusuf, along with a gang of others, held the woman for five days during which they beat her, punched her in the face and forced her to store drugs inside of her. Yusuf was sentenced to just 9 years in prison.

Peter Brown, the man who waved the fake gun to scare people, received a harsher sentence than human traffickers, pedophiles and people with actual weapons. There is no question that Brown committed a crime, but one has to seriously examine a justice system that punishes a person waving a fake gun more than it punishes those who try to drive people over with their car, or who plan to kidnap little girls to torture and rape them. To clarify: We are not defending Brown, but urge examination of the “lenient” punishment the other crimes received by comparison.