Veterans Still ‘Not Fonda Jane’ as They Call on California Activists to Return Her $100,000 Donation

A leftwing political group in California, Flip the 49th Neighbors in Action, admitted to the San Diego Union-Tribune in December that it accepted $100,000 from actress Jane Fonda. This resulted in military veterans who support Rep. Darrell Issa, the representative the activists want to defeat, to call on the group to return her donation.

While The 49th Neighbors in Action protested outside Issa’s office on Tuesday sporting “Disarm Hate,” and “Stop Trump, Defeat Issa,” signs, the veterans chided the group, saying they should be ashamed for “taking Commie money from Hanoi Jane.”

Just 15 veterans were there, and they were outnumbered by protesters who shouted them down, but the veterans used megaphones to be heard anyway.

Jane Fonda in Vietnam

During the Vietnam war, Jane Fonda did a photo shoot in North Vietnam, where she sat behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun. A few hundred yards away, American soldiers were being tortured in “Hanoi Hilton.” This infamous photo shoot earned her the nickname Hanoi Jane.

“My opponents are bought and paid for by ‘Hanoi Jane; Fonda, a woman who said our POWs returning from Vietnam were ‘hypocrites and liars’ who shouldn’t be ‘hailed as heroes,'” Issa said.

“Fonda has stood by her anti-war activism but has repeatedly apologized for the iconic photograph, saying she deeply regrets it and believes the North Vietnamese tricked her into sitting on the anti-aircraft gun,” Susan Crabtree of the Free Beacon said.

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