VP Pence Gives Heartfelt Speech on 9/11 Anniversary

Vice President Pence gave a touching speech on the 16th anniversary of 9/11 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and said it was not the first time he had been there.

“Not more than a year after that fateful day, Karen and I brought our three small children here to this hallowed ground on a drive back from Washington to Indiana,” Pence said. “That day we did not find this extraordinary memorial. We found only a makeshift memorial, no more than a plywood wall painted with the names of the fallen, a timeline, and a wooden cross out in the field.”

The Vice President, who had been standing in front of the Capitol building at the time of the attack in 2001 said, “I will always believe that I, and many others in our nation’s capitol, were able to go home that day to hug our families because of the courage and selflessness of the heroes of Flight 93. So for me, it’s personal; and I speak on behalf of a grateful nation.”

Vice President Pence speaks on 9/11 anniversary in Pennsylvania