Why Illegal Aliens are Now Called ‘Undocumented Immigrants’

In the past when people from another country entered our own without going through proper channels, we referred to them as “illegal immigrants.” The reason was simple. Entering another country unlawfully was, and still is, illegal.

These days we don’t hear the terms illegal alien or illegal immigrant as much, at at least not in the mainstream media. Instead, another term is used; undocumented immigrant. Tom Head at About News explains why he believes the terms illegal immigrant or illegal alien should not be used. In his article Illegal Immigrants or Undocumented Immigrants, Tom asserts that the term “illegal” is vague, goes against the 14th Amendment, and is “dehumanizing.”

Tom Murse, the “Politics Expert” of About News said in an article Why You Shouldn’t Call Them Illegal Immigrants Anymore that in 2013 “The Associated Press, the world’s largest news-gathering operation, announced that it had banned the use of the term illegal immigrant, saying the word illegal should describe only an action.” He also listed several other news organizations which banned the term, including The Los Angeles Times, ABC, Univision, NBC and CNN.

It appears the term illegal immigrant has become politically incorrect. According to Murse, the U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, “introduced a resolution in 2013 calling on Congress to use more humane and respectful language in place of the term illegal immigrant. Rush’s legislation would make it a necessity for members of Congress to use the term undocumented instead of illegal.”

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