WND Campaigns To Crack Seth Rich Murder Case

WND, who have broken several stories related to murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, have launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to “help crack Seth Rich murder case.”

“WND is one news agency that won’t be deterred and is determined to get to the truth,” the campaign states. “This campaign is designed to raise money for three purposes – to put more resources into investigative reporting, to hire an independent private investigator and, to provide rewards for new evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.”

Last August, WikiLeaks offered $20,000 for information on the murder of Seth Rich, and at this time the total reward for solving the case stands around half-million dollars, according to WND.

“In addition to WikiLeaks’ reward, One America News Network is offering $100,000. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is offering $25,000. Businessman and investor Martin Shkreli is offering $100,000.”

Private investigators: Seth Rich murder evidence vanishing

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