Woman Kills Police Officer’s Daughter With SUV After Facebook Feud

Tatyanna Lewis, 19, identified as the daughter of a Chicago police officer, was murdered last Friday after having an ongoing Facebook feud with Chynna Stapleton, 24. CBS News reported that Lewis was dating the father of one of Stapleton’s children.

The death occurred at the 11400 block of S. May Street in the city’s Morgan Park neighborhood where the feud escalated into a physical fight, after which Stapleton got back into her SUV and chased Lewis with the vehicle, “repeatedly striking her against a tree before fleeing,” according to NBC Chicago.

Supt. Eddie Johnson of the Chicago Police Department points the finger at Facebook and social media who he feels should do a better job “policing” things. Johnson told CBS Chicago, “What we have seen over the last few years is an explosion of violence because of social media. I think that the people who have those platforms need to do a better job of policing it, you know, so that we don’t have these situations.”

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