Woman Says Police Cars Should Not Be Black Because ‘People of color have an issue with it’

On May 25, a Massachusetts white woman, Cindy Jaquith, showed up at a City Counsel meeting in Bolton to protest the color of the black police cars. According to Jaquith “people of color,” as well as her adopted black daughter, were intimidated by the dark cars.

“I can assure you that my daughter is quite intimidated by the dark police cars and the tinted windows. It’s a HUGE issue,” Jaquith said. “And if you’re any person of color, it’s an issue. So I would highly recommend going to the white cars.”

After Cindy’s statement, the police reached out to her daughter who told them she wasn’t afraid of the black police cars.

“That’s right,” said Officer Blue from Blue Lives Matter, “we’re dealing with a crazy white woman who is inventing non-existent issues so that she can speak on behalf of black people and pat herself on the back for being the world’s best Social Justice Warrior.”

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