Woman Who Wounded Four YouTube Employees Not the Shooter Many Expected

Nasim Aghdam, the 39-year-old woman suspected of wounding four people by shooting them at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, before taking her own life, is not the attacker many people expected. Aghdam was not a white male, as some posting on Twitter seemed to hope she would turn out to be, nor was she an Islamic terrorist. (Breitbart reported that the Interfaith Vegan Alliance refers to her by the name Nasime Sabz, and claims she is an adherent of the Baha’i faith). Instead, this shooting appears to have been committed by a woman angry at a company she believed unfairly censored her and took away her money.

Many, listening to Aghdam’s complaints about YouTube, would likely agree she had a right to be angry. YouTube, along with other social media, has been accused of censoring views that do not fit a particular agenda. YouTube, however, might have arguably hit some a little harder than most because not only have they been accused of removing the freedom to speak for many, they’ve taken away the money people earn along with it. And yet, however angry most people become at YouTube, the majority do not become violent over it, nor believe this kind of violence is justified.

A spiritual person might say Aghdam followed the voices of the destructive devils egging her on, while others would say she was mentally ill and went over the edge. We don’t have Aghdam’s medical history, so to say anything on that would just be speculation. However, Aghdam’s father Ismail clearly had concerns about his daughter. He reported her missing on Monday when she did not answer her phone for two days. The family received a call from Mountain View police around 2 a.m. Tuesday, who told them they found Aghdam asleep in a car. Ismail warned the police his daughter might be headed to YouTube because she “hated” the company.

President Trump said his thoughts and prayers were with everyone involved.