Writer For The Guardian Describes Satanism as ‘Cool’ and a ‘Community-Based Response to the Trump Era’

The Guardian, a left-wing British daily newspaper which has been awarded several National Newspaper of the Year awards by the British Press Awards, published an article on Monday by Stuart Jeffries: Hell Freezes Over: How the Church of Satan Got Cool.

The article begins by expressing disappointment that Chelsea Clinton denied that she and her husband practice satanism, and that Clinton’s tweet wishing the Church of Satan a happy new year should not be taken as endorsement.

“Doesn’t she realise that the radical power of Satan is having a moment unparalleled since Milton unwittingly made him the badass rebel hero of Paradise Lost?” Jeffries wrote.

According to Jeffries, the LA Times sent one of their reporters to investigate “a satanic soiree in a California basement” where they found artists, writers and musicians chanting “Hail Satan!”

“Satanism is attracting counter-cultural Californians because it is seen as a community-based response to the Trump era,” Jeffries said; and then he goes on to gush about “the good sense” of the Church of Satan as displayed in the FAQs on their website.

“Satanism’s latest mutation is something else, a contrarian uprising against a patriarchal world order that deserves its comeuppance,” Jeffries declared. “How inspiring to find that in 2018 satanists are more progressive than the Great Beast even now tweeting diabolically from the Oval Office.”

Photo: Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey with actress Jayne Mansfield at LaVey’s Black House in San Francisco